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Greenwoods is a non-sectarian nonprofit mental health and related referral service available free of charge to all residents of Litchfield County Connecticut as well as those who work in Litchfield County. Greenwoods works with a large community of providers throughout the county who support our mission to assure access to the best and most appropriate professional providers, regardless of an individual's ability to pay.

When a client is referred to one of Greenwoods' providers, if there is financial need, the provider has agreed to see the client for his or her minimum fee. We do not determine the minimum, but ask that the client and provider negotiate a fee that works for both. In addition we have a "subsidy fund" which provides an additional stipend to providers to help defray the cost of therapy when individuals would not otherwise get the help that they need.

Our providers include psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, massage therapists, attorneys, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, chiropractors and other professionals.

Greenwoods has been in existence since 1992, founded by Rev. David Dobbins, an Episcopalian pastoral counselor. Dr. Molly Hinchman has been part of the Greenwoods team since its beginning, and assumed the role of director in September, 2004 when Rev Dobbins returned to parish ministry.

For more information on Greenwoods, contact Dr. Hinchman. Or call Greenwoods directly in Litchfield, Connecticut at (860) 567-4437.